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A fitting tribute to the Francesco Morosini Naval School and its students. The Morosini Naval School was founded in Venice in 1937 with headquarters on the island of Sant'Elena, the last offshoot of the lagoon city. Already the "Collegio Navale della Gioventù Italiana del Littorio" had the task of preparing young people for service in the Regia Marina. Reborn after the war as a Naval College, it was named after Francesco Morosini, a great strategist of the Venetian Republic who distinguished himself in the 17th century in the War of Candia against the Ottoman Empire. Up to the current title of Francesco Morosini Military Naval School, acquired in 1997.


The Morosini Naval School today carries out an excellent cultural and human training function, with the aim of arousing in its students an interest in life at sea, regardless of the final professional outcome of its students.


  • Details hand-turned and mirror-polished from overseas blue Italian resins as in the uniform of the Morosini Naval School;
  • Reference to the white details of the uniform at the clasp; 
  • Ordinary sword of the Morosini Naval School modeled in miniature and chiseled by hand, to act as a clip clasp, with a mother-of-pearl handle rendered in pearly-white enamel;
  • Golden bas-relief bearing the motto of the School, "Homeland and honour", surrounding the body of the pen;
  • Cusp depicted in bas-relief  with the emblem of the Morosini Naval School; 
  • All the metal details lost wax cast in bronze - according to ancient Etruscan canons - and bathed in 24 carat gold; 
  • Chisel finishing in Florentine goldsmith style of clasp, cusp and band;
  • Ink loading via high-smooth ball replacement;
  • Pen kept in gift box, complete with converter and ink cartridge;
  • Case recalling the dark blue of the ordinance in the uniforms of the Morosini Naval School, and inside a metal plate engraved with the motto of the School, "Homeland and honor";
  • Two-year warranty for any manufacturing defect.


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