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Model T rotating ball is a pen with a dynamic and slender line, sober but at the same time elegant, inspired by the principles of the historic Ford model released in 1908, with the idea of allowing the widespread diffusion of the automobile.


Ford's innovation was to build simple, inexpensive cars intended for consumption by the average American family. The car, until then considered a handcrafted object, with a prohibitive cost, destined for a very limited public. With the Model T, the motor vehicle became an object within the reach of the middle class, giving rise to the "automotive civilization" of the 20th century.


Simple and solid in its construction principles, Model T is made of Italian-made black resin. The metal details are also essential, adding a touch of sober refinement to their functionality.


  • Details handmade by turning Italian-made black resin and finely brushed piece by piece;
  • Clip made with the goldsmith's technique, by micro-casting, and adorned with mother-of-pearl cabochons; 
  • Palladium treatment to protect metal parts; 
  • Stipula leaf in 925/1000 silver set in the cap;
  • Ink loading using black ball refill;
  • Pen kept in gift box;
  • Two-year warranty for any manufacturing defect.


Excluding VAT

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