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Suprema Torricelli gold leaf is an authentic mechanical jewel. This splendid pen is in fact equipped with the "Torricelli" filling system, named after the Florentine physicist Evangelista Torricelli who, in1644 conceived the principle ofbarometer, building what is now calledTorricelli tube and identifying the "Torricellian void".


In fact, Evangelista Torricelli demonstrated that a vacuum can exist in nature and that air has weight, thus putting an end to the age-old philosophical discussions onhorror vacui.


In the Suprema Torricelli gold leaf the air contained inside the tank chamber is expelled by activating an internal piston through the supply channels. This maneuver creates a virtually empty environment and allows the ink, through a final recompression of the tank, to completely fill the transparent body.


  • Details made by hand by turning gold leaf resin handcrafted by Stipula, with authentic addition of gold leaf, and finely lapped to crystalline refraction piece by piece;
  • Loading "Torricelli" with the vacuum pump system; 
  • 24 carat gilding of the metal decorations;
  • Internal vacuum piston stainless steel rod golden bath;
  • Very high ink capacity tank;

  • Perfect weight balance both empty and fully charged;

  • Nib and feeder developed and tested for writing individually, for each specimen; 24 carat gold-plated nib;
  • For those who choose the variant with 14k gold nib: the gold nib is of the Stiflex type, laminated and treated for the highest elastic response and flexibility of the tip; produced entirely in Florence by Stipula masters, with the help of Italian equipment from the early last century; 
  • Pen kept in gift box;
  • Two-year warranty for any manufacturing defect.


€ 241,80Price
Excluding VAT
Nib type

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