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A tribute to the Nunziatella Military School of Naples, formerly the Royal Military Academy founded in 1787 by King Ferdinand IV of Bourbon. The School is located in the former convent of Monte Echia in Pizzofalcone, where the Jesuits once held their novitiate and takes its name from a rare jewel. of art Neapolitan Baroque, the adjoining Church of the Annunziata.

​​Today the School trains its students with a high-level program, also offering them a basic military education, regardless of the final outcome to which they will be oriented at the end of their Education.


  • Details hand-turned and mirror-polished from ultramarine blue and grey-blue Italian resins as in the uniform of the Nunziatella School; 
  • Reference to the crimson details of the uniform at the clasp; 
  • Ordinary sword of the Nunziatella School miniaturized and hand-chiselled to create the clip clasp, with the mother-of-pearl handle rendered in pearly enamel;
  • Golden bas-relief bearing the name of the School surrounding the body of the pen;
  • Cusp depicted in bas-relief with the ordinance kepi of the Nunziatella School; 
  • All the metal details lost wax cast in bronze - according to ancient Etruscan canons - and bathed in 24 carat gold; 
  • Chisel finishing in Florentine goldsmith style of clasp, cusp and band;
  • Ink loading via high-sliding ball-point replacement;
  • Pen kept in gift box, complete with converter and ink cartridge;
  • Case recalling the crimson of the order in the uniforms of the Nunziatella School, and inside a metal plate engraved with the name of the School;
  • Two-year warranty for any manufacturing defect.


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€ 135,24Sale Price
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