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The Amerigo Vespucci School Ship Pen is the result of a close collaboration with the Navy which provided the Stipula master craftsmen with the materials necessary for its construction.


The design of the Pen was created by Renato Cortese, with the participation of Stipula, starting from the idea of capturing on a body of reduced length - such as that of a writing instrument - the effect of the sails unfurled at the wind, the most fascinating aspect of the Training Ship. Multiple bulges follow one another from the top to the bottom of the pen, to evoke the different orders of the sails and their compact insistence around the masts of the Ship. The choice of materials was based on a rigorous selection criterion. The thick canvas of the sails is recalled by the body of light and slightly striated galalith (a natural material obtained from the plasticization of casein, a milk protein); the cap cusp and the caseback aremade from the Douglas fir of the ship's bowsprit, granted for this work by the Navy; The clasp reproduces the figurehead of the Ship with the figure of Amerigo Vespucci; the metal parts are made of brass and bronze, materials present on board the Amerigo Vespucci; the decorations of the pen are in gold, as are the friezes on the hull of the Training Ship. The case itself, enriched with decorations embossed in gold, bears inside the motto of the Training Ship: "Not those who begin, but those who persevere".


The Amerigo Vespucci School Ship Pen is handmade by the Florentine masters of Stipula, by turning the galalith parts,Ship wood and metal. 


  • Limited edition of 1931 pieces in total of the “Amerigo Vespucci” Premium Ship, with reference to the year of the launch of the Ship (according to a common numbering with the fountain pen);
  • Details in original Douglas fir obtained from the bowsprit of the Amerigo Vespucci Training Ship;
  • Body and cap made by manual turning in galalith (aka casein) striped, ivory;
  • Details made of bronze by lost wax casting and plated in 24k gold;
  • Artistic modeling of the figurehead depicting the explorer Amerigo Vespucci;
  • Chiselled finishing of the figurehead in Florentine goldsmith style;
  • High flow ball refill;
  • Pen protected by a gift case, marked with the official effigy of the ship and enriched by an internal plate with the inscription of the ship's motto "Not those who begin but those who persevere";
  • Two-year warranty for any manufacturing defect.


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