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Pen made in close collaboration with the Italian Army, looking at its tradition, many generations old yet always alive and present in the Italians' homeland experience.


A historic Army bayonet, faithfully reproduced in enamel and palladium, serves as the pen's clasp. The tricolor marks the length of the body of the pen and ideally defines its belonging. The cusp shows the official emblem of the Army with the star and the date 1659, the year of establishment of the Sardinian Army, progenitor of the Italian Army.


  • Details handmade by turning Italian black resins from Mars and mirror polished; 
  • Metallic details lost wax cast in bronze - according to ancient Etruscan canons - and bathed in palladium; 
  • Florentine goldsmith style chisel finishing of clasp and cusp;
  • Ink loading via converter or cartridge;
  • Medium tip nib (M);
  • Fine-tuned nib and power supply  tested in writing individually, for each specimen;
  • Nib engraved with the Army star;
  • Pen protected in gift box, complete with converter and ink cartridge;
  • Case recalling the crimson of the ordinance in Army uniforms, and inside a metal plate engraved with Army emblems;
  • Two-year warranty for any manufacturing defect.



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€ 137,70Sale Price
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