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NETTO - The clean and efficient ink filling system for fountain pens

It has always been clear that filling a fountain pen is a demanding operation for those who use the typical bottle of ink. Firstly, the hole of the bottle is quite small and it is not easy to control the pen inside. The draft point of the feeder cannot be seen except very approximately and there is a constant risk of dirtying the front section of the fountain pen, sometimes even compromising the material of which the fountain pen is made. And then you get to a point where the level of liquid to be filled into the tank is definitely lower than the pen feed and no matter how much you tilt the bottle or angle the pen while charging, you end up filling in more air that ink.

At the beginning of the 2000s Stipula developed a patent that allowed the development of an innovative product called Netto, a system for the clean filling of fountain pens, which accompanies and assists inbuilt ink fillers, such as pistons, vacuums, ink sacs, etc. .

The Netto consists of a device to be applied to the neck of the Stipula ink bottle. This device allows you to fill the fountain pen by not dipping the entire front end of the pen directly in the ink, but rather immerse nib and feed only in a well where the liquid flows through micro-ducts, that exploit the principle of capillarity of liquids.

The benefits of using the Netto are many:

- ink filling is carried out in the utmost cleanliness and hygiene, quickly and practically;

- the ink in the bottle is used up to the last drop;

- using Netto contributes to the maintenance of fountain pens. Precious materials such as celluloid, cellulose acetate or silver in fact may undergo the corrosive effect of the ink and continuous contact with it causes them to lose their shine and color.

Last but not least, in the event of an accidental overturning of the ink bottles, only the few drops present in the well will come out.

We will go back to this topic of innovative ink filling shortly with a new post.

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