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"Lungavita" or Long life

The ink capacity in the fountain pen has always been one of the key elements of its utility value. After all, originally the fountain pen finds its main justification precisely in its ability to replace the travel inkwell and thus determine a considerable expansion of the opportunities for writing.

In the field of high capacity fountain pens, Stipula has developed a sample of the tank capacity, Lungavita.

In fact, this pen has a higher ink capacity than most fountain pens.

With its graduated and transparent tank, it also highlights the remaining writing autonomy at all times.

Lungavitais declined according to a Hippocratic principle. The one that puts the doctor at the service of the patient's health and prolongation of his life and for this reason has easily found a link with the world of medicine.

So much so as to reserve two compartments for housing any life-saving medicines to always carry with you during the day, whether they are intended for yourself or necessary to help others.

The two compartments are located at the ends of the pen, in correspondence with the tail and the cusp, both of which can be unscrewed to give access to two food grade stainless steel containers.

In accordance with his Hippocratic dictate, the Lungavita fountain pen is equipped with a clip that reproduces the rod of Aesculapius, symbol of the art of medicine.

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