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The 91, a capless fountain pen with a "bayonet" opening

Let's talk about innovation and how Stipula has constantly adopted a new point of view in the development of its products.

If the Da Vinci capless fountain pen is quite possibly Stipula's most popular system in this category, there is no shortage of other creative efforts in the same direction. This is the case of the capless fountain pen that can be activated with the "bayonet" system which came out in the collection in the early 2000s under the name 91.

The innovation of the 91 fountain pen is all concentrated in just its 91 millimeters in length. By turning the metal ring on the barrel, a bezel on the front of the pen opens; then just push the ring forward to make the nib come out and start writing.

Compact, pocket-sized and easy to use, the 91 has the original feature of being able to stand upright on a desk, resting on its metal base which serves as a pedestal and ballast.

Despite its small and easily pocketable size, the 91 has the ink capacity of a regular cartridge fountain pen. The nib comes in large or small sizes (there are versions that mount the 6mm - in particular those released first - and others, such as the 91 Chic, equipped with 5mm) and is made in both gold and steel.

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