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Etruria Madrigale, Hazelnut: a triumph of ultra-seasoned celluloid

Celluloid still remains the most exclusive material for fountain pens, linked to the moments of glory experienced by the sector, between the 1920s and the early 1940s.

Today this material is practically extinct and unreproducible (we will deal with the topic again in a more analytical way in the near future). The new celluloid pens are therefore the result of working with vintage celluloid.

This is the case of the hazelnut celluloid that Stipula has recently used to produce a micro-series of Etruria Madrigal, the Hazelnut.

The Madrigal is a form of non-liturgical chant typical of the Italian Renaissance. It was codified in the mid-14th century in Florence by Giovanni da Firenze. A song for many voices full of delicious rhymes and fresh melodies that radically changed the musical taste of the time.

The precious and refined spirit of the Italian Renaissance madrigal lives again here in the ETRURIA MADRIGALE collection with very limited edition micro-editions.

Etruria Madrigale, in the refined freshness of its colours, is inspired by this great musical tradition of the Madrigale with a series of very small collections of fountain pens for connoisseurs. The legendary Hazelnut, in 10 unique pieces, inaugurates the Etruria Madrigale series.

Etruria Madrigale Nocciola is made of celluloid aged over thirty years of intense color between beige and dark brown (hazelnut) and is equipped with a high capacity piston filler. Ebonite feed on 14k gold Stiflex nib available in the seven classic Stipula sizes (Ultrafine, Extrafine, Fine, Medium, Large, calligraphic 0.9, calligraphic 1.1).

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