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Fernand Braudel, a famous French historian, noted: "the hills of Tuscany, with their famous farms, villas, villages that are almost cities, in the most moving countryside that exists". A liturgy of light and color, punctuated by a harsh yet perfect humanity, which twice in the 7th century BC. and in the 15th AD, first with ancient Etruria and then with Renaissance and modern Tuscany, it was the determining hotbed of Italian civilization.


As in a prism of light, Etruria Rainbow Cristallo reveals one of the unexpected nuances of this Earth.


A tank as large as a fully loaded piston can be built in the body of the pen; a translucency that makes even the ink and every little "sweat" of the fountain pen crystalline, enhancing every moment of the entirely personal effort of writing. No appearance; just the essence of an instrument that lives in harmony with its owner.


  • Details handmade by turning pure Italian casting crystal resin; then finely sanded to guarantee the most perfect translucencies and finally brush polished;
  • Metallic details lost wax cast in bronze - according to ancient Etruscan dictates - and bathed in palladium;
  • Chiselled finish in Florentine goldsmith style of the clasp and cap band;
  • Ink loading by high-capacity integral piston;
  • Nib and feeder developed and tested for writing individually, for each specimen; palladium-plated nib;
  • For those who choose the variant with 14k gold nib: the gold nib is of the Stiflex type, laminated and treated for the highest elastic response and flexibility of the tip; produced entirely in Florence by Stipula masters, with the help of Italian equipment from the beginning of the last century; the nib is treated under palladium for a full color match with the rest of the pen's decorations;
  • Pen kept in gift box;
  • Two-year warranty for any manufacturing defect.


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