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Among the most typical forms of the twentieth century, the features of Art Deco are unmistakable. Their ability to simplify ornaments, introducing modernity as a new concept of elegance inspires Stipula's historic Novecento collection. Essential and unadorned shapes yet designed with perfection of curves and relationships make Novecento synonymous with dry and timeless distinction.   


In the Novecento muzzle-loading model, a bold operation never attempted before is carried out, transposing the direct-loading fountain pen of the late nineteenth century into modernity, without distorting its essential character, but making it auniquefor everyday writing.


Novecento avancarica Nuda has in fact a nib block equipped with a generous ebonite feed which, as in the ancient safety fountain pens (thesafety pen of the late nineteenth century), moves back and forth along the axis of the tank. The ink is charged - as in tradition - through a dropper, from the front (hence the definition "muzzle-loading"). Once the ink has been refilled, the fountain pen is used in a completely normal way by screwing the cap onto the everted nib, thus guaranteeing maximum cleanliness and ease of use.


A great advantage of the twentieth century in the Nude Muzzleloader, borrowed from the tradition ofsafety pen, is that the ebonite feed is constantly immersed in a real ink bath. This enhances the freshness and generosity of the line even with the most demanding nib tips. The crystalline transparency of the tank combined with the gold details then creates an effect of absolute purity.


  • Details handmade by turning Italian-cast crystal resin, internally lapped for maximum translucency and finally brush polished;
  • Metallic details dipped in 24 karat gold;
  • Loading inkfront, through droppers;
  • Retractable nib for refilling ink by rotating the case back;
  • High capacity front tank;
  • Ebonite nib and feeder, hot-adjusted and tested for writing individually, for each specimen;
  • For those who choose the variant with 14k gold nib: the gold nib is of the Stiflex type, laminated and treated for the highest elastic response and flexibility of the tip; produced entirely in Florence by Stipula masters, with the help of Italian equipment from the beginning of the last century;
  • Pen kept in gift box, complete with ink dropper;
  • Two-year warranty for any manufacturing defect.


Excluding VAT
Nib type
The product is rigorously handmade and developed piece by piece in the Stipula laboratories in Florence. It will be shipped as soon as available.

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