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More than twenty years after its first appearance, the 22 is still considered a very tasty fountain pen full of resources. Born at the turn of the millennium, it took its name from the atomic number of titanium, of which Stipula was the first user in the manufacturing of the nib. That nib, synonymous with expressive richness, was inserted into a compact fountain pen but at the same time powerful in performance and easy to maintain. A large capacity piston, integrated into the body of the pen; a transparent tank with a graduated scale, easy to read for those who need to evaluate the residual ink content; a balance in the hand without uncertainties with a front calibration of the weights.


Today the 22 Tocco Ferro Deluxe retains all these features, with the addition of a robust and substantial stainless steel alloy body. It also offers a wider choice of writing tips. In fact, alongside the T-Flex titanium nib, there is the 14k gold Stiflex nib available in seven different sizes and the steel nib with its four different tips, including the V-flex with enhanced flexibility.


The 22 Tocco Ferro Deluxe Carmine Red offers a body and a cap made of stainless steel, with a technological coating of vaporization of hard metal molecules, which makes the surface of the pen virtually immune to small scratches and nicks, as well as changing its color towards a fascinating matte black. The carmine red barrel adds grit and an out of the ordinary impact to the fountain pen.


  • Details handmade by turning Italian-made stainless steel and finely sandblasted piece by piece;
  • Turned construction of the tank in carmine red resin with manual lapping of the interior;
  • PVD treatment, carried out under vacuum by adding hard metal molecules (titanium, zirconium, etc.) to the surface, with consequent hardening and coloring of the crystalline lattice of the stainless steel;
  • Stipula leaf in 925/1000 silver set in the cap;
  • Ruthenium bath on the polished handle, on the piston operating knob and on the cap tip;
  • Ink loading by high-capacity integral piston;
  • Nib and feeder developed and tested for writing individually, for each specimen; ruthenium-dipped nib;
  • For those who choose the variant with 14k gold nib: the gold nib is of the Stiflex type, laminated and treated for the highest elastic response and flexibility of the tip; produced entirely in Florence by Stipula masters, with the help of Italian equipment from the beginning of the last century; the nib is treated under ruthenium for a full color match with the rest of the pen's decorations;
  • Pen kept in gift box;
  • Two-year warranty for any manufacturing defect.


Excluding VAT
Nib type
The product is rigorously handmade and developed piece by piece in the Stipula laboratories in Florence. It will be shipped as soon as available.

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