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History and curiosities of the brand Stipula

The term "stipula", literally from the Latin "little straw", refers to the way in which our Roman ancestors used to sign a pact. Each of the two parties held an edge of the stick or straw and together they broke it. It was the idea that there is no going back from the commitment made, the idea of fidelity to agreements, plastically represented by the broken twig.

Many years later, an echo of this custom can be seen in the gesture of the young man breaking the branch to the right of the main scene in Raphael's magnificent painting The Marriage of the Virgin. Here too the character seals the union that is taking place between Mary of Nazareth and her husband Joseph.

In manufacturing her pens, Stipula has ideally assumed the same commitment to quality and respect for the canons of classicism and beauty with her customers, with those who trust her. Faithful to a logic of continuity with the past and in full respect of the tradition of the "Florentine workshops", Stipula keeps the authenticity of the ancient workmanship alive within its pens, creating fountain pens that incorporate true artistic and artisanal value, lasting in time.

The Stipula logo is presented with an underlining . It is not only a graphic underlining, but a reference to that twig broken as a sign of fidelity.

In its most recent version, the Stipula logo - albeit simplified - has kept a stylized leaf pinning the letter "i". In its historical version the leaves even made up a volute that crowned the entire writing. The Stipula leaf has a very evident vein in the center. It is the symbol of the fountain pen inserted in an almost coded way inside the brand. In fact, capillarity, which has underpinned the functioning of the fountain pen since the first patent of the 19th century, is the same physical principle that allows plants to nourish the entire plant, transferring sap and nutrients from the roots to the highest leaves.

One more word on the red color and gold of the Stipula brand. Red has always been the color that leaves no one indifferent. It is the color of blood, of love, of passion. Gold is the noble metal par excellence, a symbol of what is worth and lasts. The two colors are constantly present in the Stipula universe, so linked to passion but also firmly grafted into a tradition of artistic beauty and artisanal perfection such as that of Florence.

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