The Stipula nib: from the 30’s till today

Globus had produced with about 200 artisanal molds gold and steel nibs for some of the major international brands of the time. At the end of the 1950s Globus ceased the manufacturing operations and Mario Cecchini arranged to stow the equipment in an old cellar in the center of Bologna, where they were found by Stipula after his death and later restored and made functional again. Thanks to this hard restoration work, Stipula is now capable of producing high quality nibs. The deeply traditional concept behind Stipula nibs makes them totally “revolutionary” today, due to the writing performance they make current again.

The Stipula Stiflex nib

The Sti-Flex nib is based on the ancient Globus technical criteria, which were completely forgotten today. The Sti-Flex, thanks to the very peculiar combination of lamination, cutting, forming and refining of the point, is an authentic flexible nib of the end of the 30s and as such it stands out among the few nibs today capable of excellent expressiveness on paper.