Story and Heritage

A story of the florentine crafts that begins in 1945 ...

In 1945, after the liberation of Florence, Renzo Salvadori, fifteen at the time, was hired at a mechanical workshop, located in the city center of Florence, in an alley near the Piazza della Signoria, called Chiasso del Buco. Here he began his career as a lathe machine specialist, tackling an old turret lathe. It starts almost by accident in this workshop at Chiasso del Buco in Florence Renzo’s passion for pens. One day he asks his principal permission to remain at work after hours and use equipment to repair an old safety pen of his father’s. It is an ebonite pen with gold overlay that his father had received as a gift in his youth and will not take ink any longer: the pen now falls into Renzo’s hands for an attempt at servicing the repair. Renzo Salvadori is intrigued by its operation and finds himself unexpectedly familiar with writing instruments. Not only he returns his father’s heart fountain pen fully working, but he starts getting an interest into second hand pens, which he repairs and in some cases rebuilds almost entirely with parts self-produced on the lathe. From this point to becoming known by the dealers in town for his ability to patch up even the most difficult cases, the step is short. But pens for Renzo still remain a filler. He equipped his garage - located in via del Caparra, Florence, as a real miniature laboratory, but his work keeps him busy all day (at mechanical workshops in the beginning; as director of the technical dep. of the public transportation company of Florence, in the ‘60s). Only in 1973 Renzo Salvadori will be able to establish in Florence the family business, eventually devoting all his efforts to his great love - fountain pens. It has been therefore a little less than 50 years that, thanks to the skill and ability of the group of florentine artisans formed by Renzo Salvadori and his family, Stipula writing instruments are entirely manufactured in the laboratory located in Florence. The name “Stipula” alludes to the straw that the ancient Romans were used to breaking as a sign of acceptance of an obligation. Stipula is thus synonymous with commitment to creating the best of the best. Faithful to the traditions of the Florentine craftsmen, Stipula has succeeded in uniting ancient techniques with modern technology to create products of superb workmanship. Excellence in engineering and design, as well as a unique production philosophy, make the Stipula pen a collector’s item, whose value transcends the present to draw force and harmony from the past.

Photo on the left - 1945 CHIASSO DEL BUCO - FLORENCE

Chiasso del Buco, the small courtyard near the Signoria of Florence where Renzo Salvadori - founder of Stipula - a young boy just FIFTEEN YEARS OLD BEGAN IN 1945 TO WORK ON THE LATHE THE FIRST pieces for fountain pens.

Photo on the right -1946 THE YEARS OF ORATORY - FLORENCE

Renzo Salvadori around the age of fifteen in an image with the companions of the oratory of San Pietro in Varlungo, the neighbourhood of Florence which he came from (Renzo is the third from left in front row).

Photo on the left -1975 STIPULA WORKSHOP

A glimpse of Stipula’s workshop in the early 70s. Some of these young workers are still working at the Stipula production.

Photo on the right - 2000 THE STIPULA TEAM.

The Stipula team in the early 2000.